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China Miéville Reading Guide

Where to begin with China Miéville, SFF’s strangest and most thrilling imagination… Wil Kenney China Miéville towers at the overlapping edges of a half- dozen genres. An industry presence that demands attention and, in the same token, intimidates first-timers. How many countless words get written on this guy every year? Yet what nearly every analysis […]

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Review of Awaken Online: Catharsis Book One

Travis Bagwell, a full-time lawyer and writer extraordinaire, is easily one of the most beloved litRPG authors working today. Though he only has two books currently available—Awaken Online: Catharsis and the follow-up Awaken Online: Precipice—the hundreds of five-star reviews on his books says a lot about the series as a whole. Before dipping my toes […]

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Review of Hell to Pay (An Ascend Online Adventure Book One)

I enjoyed this book tremendously. As someone who works in the gaming industry, I tend to have a hard time reading things in the up-and-coming LitRPG genre. Many of the books in this genre have fundamental flaws in their premise that stretch plausibility too far for me to suspend my disbelief. Some of these problems […]

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