Want to Write For Us?

Outstanding. Mythbuilders is a community of creators and fans that are exploring the intersection of gaming and storytelling across all types of media. These guidelines are for unpublished, original non-fiction content for the blog.

We want your voice represented here. Mythbuilders is seeking pitch ideas for thoroughly explored interviews, articles, interest pieces, reaction pieces, listicles, and creative reviews. Our target length for submissions is 1,500 to 2,500 words.

We're not currently looking for critiques, media round-up's, current events, science/tech pieces, or anything that skews political. Any review of a creative property that could be considered "less than neutral" in its assessment will not be published here.

As creators, it is our prime directive to maintain an inclusive, accepting, and constructive environment. Our tone is conversational, friendly, and objective. Accepted submissions may be revised for low-level style issues, internal links, and reading experience.

This is a paid gig. Details about rates will be sent to you if your submission is accepted. Published writers will be given a byline at the end of the piece, as well as a credit on our about page. There will also be cake. (That last part was a lie.)

Please send all pitches to submissions"at"mythbuilders"dot"com for review by our editorial team. Every submission will get a reply from a human being. Keep in mind, we're a lean team and it may take us some time to get back to you.

We appreciate your patience. ​Now, we've got stories to write... and so do you. Pitch us something.